kleiner dev blog von webfussel

A new beginning

... of my absolutely not new dev blog.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion: I want to blog again about development. Some things have been going an - as you all surely know - and to be honest I just missed the energy on doing anything except working, eating and sleeping.

The monotony was eh. But I pulled myself together and just wanted to share some updates.

So, what’s up?

I quit my CIV-Like-Game Project. It was too much to handle for someone that’s never really developed games before. My next project will therefore be something much smaller.

Do you remember Shnaik? I’d like to create that - but with a real Game Engine.
I also decided to use Godot for this purpose. There are a lot of positive reviews about Godot’s 2d game workflow, so I want to pick it up.

In other news

  • I updated my blog design with using a card grid layout for my posts
    • I just think it looks much cleaner, so…
  • I created another small Project called “PixelPalette”
    • It’s just some playing around with string to image stuff and compression
    • Check it out on GitHub if you want to
    • Also, there’s a live version: PixelPalette
  • With a friend I created an Among Us Mod called “MegaMod” (yeah, very creative, I know)
    • Adds a lot of new colors and roles
    • It’s not updated yet to the newest version, but we will start that soon
    • Check it out on GitHub

What else?

On Twitter I decided to start a “Survey Sunday” where I ask question about coding styles and preferences.
It’s a format where you have to choose what you’d most likely use without an “it depends…” comment. I call them “XOR-Coding-Question”. Haha. Ha…

Have a look at the current one:

All of these will take a week and then another question will come up.
I will be sure to post them regularly on here, too.

That’s it

Thanks for reading!